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About us

Why Choose Fairtrade & Organic?

Fairtrade is an alternative system of world trade that makes sure farmers and workers are given a fair and guaranteed price for what they grow and the work they do. Fairtrade also ensures that there is no forced or child labour, working conditions are safe and healthy and that both workers and the environment are treated with respect.

Fairtrade organic cotton farming leads to higher revenues for farmers, making agriculture a viable way of earning a living. Conventional cotton farmers in poorer areas can struggle as the cost of fertilisers, pesticides, and possibly GM seeds, can lead to a spiral of rising costs, rising debt, and more pressure to increase yields. This pressure is multiplied as world cotton prices fall due in part to the huge subsidies received by American and European farmers.

Organic cotton farmers encourage natural pest predators like birds, bees and insects, and crop rotation and crop mixing maintains soil quality. Over time yields and cotton quality increase, and a local biologically diverse eco-system is established.

Organic cotton farmers do not use artificial pesticides or herbicides for pest control. Some of the chemicals used in conventional cotton growing are extremely toxic according to the WHO, and can lead to water pollution, reduced soil fertility, and severe health problems. Some chemical residues remain in the cotton even after it has been made into clothing, possibly causing skin irritations to the wearer.

Why Use Water Based Inks?

We only use water based PVC free inks that are dried and cured at room temperature. Most screen printers use plastisol inks that contain PVC and phthalates that can harm the environment. These inks often need drying at high temperatures to cure the ink, thus using large amounts of energy. The inks we use are self-curing at room temperature.

Plastisol inks require harmful solvents to clean the ink off after printing, whereas water based inks are cleaned off with water.

Environmental Information

The ink we use:

  • Does not contain ozone depleting chemicals as described in the Montreal Convention.
  • Is formulated free from aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Is free of any volatile solvent and can therefore be considered to have less impact on the environment, when compared with solvent-based products.
  • Is water-based and can therefore be considered to have less impact on the environment, when compared with solvent-based products.