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The Ecologie range range from AWDis is a new and unique range of sustainable sweatshirts, knitted sweaters and t-shirts in a range of colours and finishes. All of their garments are created from ecologically friendly cotton sources combining fashion with sustainability. Ecologie have created a collection that looks great and allows you to feel good about how their products are made. Their mission is to build a more sustainable fashion brand, using the latest innovations in manufacture and fabric technology.


Within the Ecologie range they have a range of 100% organic cotton garments and Re-gen garments. The Ecologie cotton yarn is created from cotton waste from where they cut the garments, which is normally sent to landfill. They have a specially trained team who’s role is dedicated to collect and arrange the clips/offcuts by colour, in preparation to start the journey to be created into an Ecologie garment. Once the colours are arranged, the offcuts/clips are shredded down and mixed with polyester, before being spun into yarn, ready to be woven and knitted. The benefits of using this technology include: it reduces the amount of land required to grow the cotton; it reduces the amount of waste destined for landfill; it is a completely dry process, by sorting the colours it means there is no need for more dying, therefore reducing further water and chemical waste entering the environment; and it avoids the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with growing and processing new cotton. In comparison to New Cotton, Regenerated Cotton saves: 25Kw/h of energy, 8 litres of water, 25kg chemicals, 05m2 of cotton growing land, 2 litres of waste water in the growing process, per tonne.