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Neutral clothing provide the highest ethical and environmental standards, providing organic fairtrade cotton, manufactured using renewable energy, and producing a high quality range of garments. They believe in making certified clothing that is sustainable following the supply chain from the cotton field to the final product. They have certificates provided by accredited bodies ensuring the highest standards are met. When processing cotton, you have some leftover material that is not fit for production. Instead of throwing that out, it’s turned into hangtags certified by the Global Recycled Standard optimizing resource usage.

Instead of spraying with toxic chemicals, their cotton farmers use biological pesticides like sugar water. Ants love sugar and now have a food supply and new best friend in the cotton plant, which they defend from intruders like beetles and pest attacks.



Neutral have introduced a new range of sustainable clothing, in which they have added 20% recycled polyester to their GOTS certified organic cotton, making their workwear even higher durability and colorfastness as well as better fitted for work, wear and tear.

Normally, buttons are made from metal or plastic. It’s even accepted by the highest environmental standards like the EU Ecolabel, but Neutral go a step further and make their buttons from cotton instead. 

Indian farmers have a hard time making a living from selling cotton due to highly volatile prices in the global cotton market, and weak bargaining positions. Fairtrade complements market mechanisms, giving their farmers a fair chance to improve their lives. In india, cotton is mostly picked the old school way by hand. Conventional farming requires toxic chemicals. Picking that with your fingers isn’t  smart but with organic cotton it’s safe.

Organic cotton doesn’t require harmful chemicals to grow. It uses less water, and it leaves room for small creatures like beetles and worms, improving soil quality. It also saves farmers and their families from pesticide related diseases.

Neutral use the most expensive environmentally friendly dyes, organic softeners and they purify and reuse wastewater. There clothing is clean and ready to wear since they avoid all harmful chemicals throughout the production process. The clothing industry is the most polluting in the world after oil. Fortunately, Neutral are taking steps one T-Shirt at a time using their solutions to push for industry change.