To print your garments a screen must be made for every colour in your design. The design needs to be separated into individual colour elements, so if you are creating a design it is helpful if you create it in layers that can be separated (ideally illustrator or PDF files).

We carry out simple colour separations and basic preparation from your design for free, but complex separations or the creation of artwork is charged at £35 per hour.

We charge £25 per screen, this is a one off cost, and so repeat runs will not incur the screen cost again, as long as the screen is re-used within 6 months.

The cost of printing depends upon the number of colours in the design and the number of garments being printed. The minimum print run per colourway is 20 garments. Below are the costs for printing a 1 to 4 colour design on up to 500 garments. For larger quantities or more colours we will quote on application.

Printing price guide



1 colour

2 colours

3 colours

4 colours































* Above prices exclude cost of garments

Placing an order

If you would like to place an order or get a quote please email or telephone 01274 565326 with as much of the following information as possible:

  1. The design or the amount of colours in the design including any print positions, etc. For example, 2 colour design to the front and a one colour sleeve print.
  2. Details of the garments you are interested in and the mix of colours/sizes and styles you’d like e.g. Navy hooded sweatshirt, 20 small, 30 medium, 20 large.
  3. How soon do you need the garments? We can usually complete your order in 10-15 days, but if you have a deadline we may be able to help.
All of our prices (except some children’s clothing) are subject to VAT